Mask Headband - Adjustable Cloth Fashion Sports Face Cover Elastic Washable Ninja Sweat Band


Get in motion! You won't find another mask quite like this one, and it is so functional and stylish! New from CHARM by Casualbox, we have designed a unique viscose headband with a face cover sewn in that you can arrange how you like.

Soft to the touch, with a pleasant elasticity, the fabric is moisture-wicking and a little stretchy to stay firmly in place. Feel free to play, tie a bow, or let the tassels hang behind you.

For both Men and Women. Perfect for the Gym, Shopping, or at work where you need to keep your mouth covered for long periods of time.

This unique face cover is bound to be an everyday item for you and your family.

Every mask headband is individually hand-sewn and dyed, so each marbled pattern is completely unique, just like you!

Ethically made in Bali, by our own staff who are paid a living wage and work in spacious, clean environment with fair working hours. We are strongly committed to improving the lives of our employees and customers!

We know you are going to love this new design, so please give it a try!


1. With the mask portion over your nose and mouth, hold both sides of the headband.
2. Wrap around your forehead, like a normal hairband.
3. Secure the tassels in the back with your knot of choice!