The Haramaki Stomach Band Kidney Warmer


The stomach band is thin and light, making it a great under layer which is discrete even under just a T- shirt. Suitable for men and women. Soft against the skin, it will remain comfortable to wear throughout the day and night. It's highly elastic which ensures it stays in place over your body without slipping down and can be worn by a range of body types. A unisex item, available in 7 colors.

Our stomachs play a key role in our bodies ability to keep a healthy immune system and remain strong. However, they are at their weakest when they are cold.

Cold drinks or even just exposure to the air can chill our stomachs and leave us tired and vulnerable to colds. The stomach band is made from thermal fabric technology which was originally designed by NASA for astronauts and their space suits. It regulates the temperature of the skin by absorbing excess heat when it is hot, and then releasing this energy when the skin cools.

This item is also perfect for women who endure extremely painful period pain during their menstrual cycle - Applying warmth to your lower abdomen can really help relieve the pain.

Outlast fabric haramaki maintains the skins surface temperature at around 32 degrees.