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We often get asked here on our official website, Etsy and Amazon by our customers "How do I wash my beanie?" 

How to wash beanies hats and headbands

It's nerve racking to wash your brand new accessory. The colours may run, the beanie or headband could shrink or putting it into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes could cause some damage!

Product Handling Instructions

As functioning accessories, special care needs to be taken when handling and maintaining our hats and headbands. 

Minimize staining and keep it fresh by washing the product frequently and soon after it gets dirty. However, depending on the material the way you wash your hat or headband can differ. We will get into detail about this a little later.

Simple after wear care makes a big difference

After wearing the hat, tap it gently against your palm to remove the dust from the surface and place in a shaded, well ventilated place.

There is a chance the colors will fade in direct sunlight, especially if you live in a country with strong sunlight eg Australia.

To remove bad odors, it is recommended that you use an anti-bacterial spray and leave to dry thoroughly. 

How to wash Cotton and Hemp headwear


- Take a bowl with a small amount of warm water and washing powder.

- Insert the hat or beanie, do not scrub hard, just pushing the water gently through the fabric.

- Rinse well with plain water.

- Gently shake and remove water without straining the fabric, leave to dry off in its original shape. For example place on a ball or colander to keep a rounded shape.

For products that take a long time to dry, do not hang on a clothes line - doing so can leave marks, misshape or rip the item.

How to wash Linen

One of the great things about Linen as it loves to be washed frequently. As mentioned in our past blog post about Linen, it gets softer and stronger with every wash!

Linen can also be thrown into the washing machine set to a conventional machine wash on fast spin. Always remember to separate your darks from your lights, and if your Linen beanie is white please wash with your whites too.

However, please refrain from using any washing detergent that contains bleach as it will damage your linen. 

How to wash Rayon headwear

rayon summer beanie

Rayon can shrink when washed. Wash the product in lukewarm soapy water for only 1-2 minutes. If you wash the product for too long then it might shrink, so please take care. Ironing and using a washing machine is not recommended.

How to wash Silk headwear

 100% Silk Beanie

Please handwash your beanie using a mild, soapy detergent meant for delicates that does not contain bleach in lukewarm water. Wash gently in the water for 2-3 minutes; then let the garment soak for 3-5 minutes. 

Do not wring or twist your silk garment while it is in the water as silk gets weaker when wet, and the beanie may lose shape. And do not soak the beanie in water for long periods of time, since this may cause the eventual fading of the color. 
Once you're done soaking, rinse out the soap in running cold water.

To dry, roll the beanie up in a towel and squeeze gently until most of the water has been squeezed out of the beanie. Silk dries quickly so after this place the beanie on a flat surface to dry away from direct sunlight. 

For items that can not be washed in water eg Tie-Dye items

tie-dye headband

When an item has become dirty or been in contact with a lot of sweat, wash as instructed according to the material type. Where it is especially dirty rub gently with a damp cloth, taking care you are not too rough with your item and then leave to dry.


Storing items away (such as seasonal items, E.g.: warm beanies, ear muffs, neck warmers)

When storing away, please put in a cool dry place and place anti-insect products in the storage vessel, as is the same for all clothes.


To close off, we ultimately recommend handwashing your items and keep up the simple after wear care. 

Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or questions you may have!


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