The New Business Casual: Teleworking Fashion Tips for 2020

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Super Casual is the new Normal in 2020

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As everyone by now knows, teleworking from home is a big challenge that has sparked a big change in what we normally call business casual. As companies everywhere switch to telework in response to shifting guidelines about COVID-19, employees everywhere are having to adjust to meetings taken online through Google Hangouts and Zoom teleconferencing. How do you know which dress code is right for a meeting taken from your home office? Here are some tips for dressing successfully for a workday at home.

Put on, start work, take off, relax

Psychology researcher and author, Megan Payne compiled a list of peer-reviewed academic references in the online journal Fashion Psychology about the way in which clothing influences our self-perception related to working from home. She very succinctly says,  

It is equally important to have positive feelings about the items of clothing you wear because this will enhance positive emotions, perceived competency and sociability (Kwonn, 1994b). If you are going to be working from home for the day, there is no shame in putting on a pair of trousers that are a little more casual than what would be expected in the office. In some instances, wearing slightly more casual clothes can, in fact, boost morale and productivity (Alonzo, 1996 in Peluchette & Karl, 2007)

Feeling comfortable enhances our well being and can, with a dose of mindfulness, increases our productivity. Routines give us a sense of control and stability, which is why putting on and taking off our work clothing has such a powerful effect on our personality and self-image. Suiting up, with whatever you consider to be your best work attire gives us the psychological cue that it is time to work, and not play and do the other things we normally enjoy while in the home. 

Framed from the neck up

With many hair stylists adjusting to patchwork shut-downs and restrictions and re-evaluating their business models, teleworkers are dealing with keeping their hair neat and face framed on camera. Take a look at these four styles which perfectly frame your face on a webcam while looking stylish and professional.

Fashion in Flux

hairband headband hair management dreads big hair new work casual friday

While casual-wear is having it's moment, suits and pumps seem less necessary than ever. On August 3rd, New York behemoth clothing retailer Joseph A Bank, owners of Men's Warehouse, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following in the footsteps of Brooks Brothers, another conservative business-wear brand which filed a month earlier.

It would seem that for the foreseeable future, suits will stay on the rack and hairbands, beanies, and leisurewear will remain an essential part of the workplace.

The Take-Away

Suiting up no longer has anything to do with a suit and tie. Take ownership of your wardrobe and design your own uniform for wherever your career takes you. Be confident in knowing that your style is yours and carry yourself with pride.

At Casualbox, we are always developing high-quality, eco-friendly, and ethical head-wear accessories. Many of our hairbands are made out of natural materials, including organic cotton. You can find beanies, sun hats, as well as kufis in our store to suit your business casual style.



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