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Organic Cotton

What are the benefits of Organic Cotton?

To name a couple, it's kind to your skin and eco-friendly - but it doesn't stop there.

Organic Cotton goes through a very meticulous process to ensure that as the cotton grows, it is free of any kind of chemicals which is not only harmful to those with sensitive skin, but to the environment too.

Let's start to where it all begins - The soil and seedlings.

Farms which produce Organic Cotton must be free from any kind of pesticide, chemical or man-made material for at least 2 to 3 years before the soil is prepared for the plantation of Organic Cotton.

This is great because not only is it benefiting the environment through the cleansing of the soil, but what people often forget about is the workers who are exposed to these chemicals which are normally used in cotton plantations.

Seedlings which are used in standard Cotton plantations also have a chance of genetically modified seeds. The demand for Cotton is so high that it has come to a point where seedlings are modified to grow faster than they would naturally which can be a bit unsettling!

Another con can be that these plantations may not be fair trade - The workers as mentioned before could be exposed to chemical-soaked fertilizer, are treated unfairly or get paid in pennies and buttons. When purchasing Organic Cotton products, you are contributing to the environment, looking after the people who prepare the cotton and looking after your skin.

What are the benefits of Organic Cotton for the body?

Organic Cotton is extremely kind to your skin. As it is a hypoallergenic, it doesn't create any allergic reactions as standard cotton may cause due to the chemical exposure during the plantation process.

A lot of our customers purchase Organic Cotton as they are either going through Chemo (Chemotherapy), have extremely sensitive skin or have alopecia. Alopecia can happen at any time due to stress, unknown reasons or is simply hereditary. During this time the hair follicles are very sensitive and need the utmost care during this time - Which Organic Cotton can definitely cater for.

Natural Cotton is also perfect for newborn babies. Keep your little one's head nice and warm while protecting that baby skin which 100% naturally produced Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton keeps you warm during the winter months, but also regulates body temperature during the warmer months through good air circulation. It is also amazingly soft to the touch.

smiling woman wearing beanie in Japan

The Tenjiku Organic Cotton Beanie

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